VEIN GLORIOUS has a new book cover!

veinglorious_onkindleVEIN GLORIOUS has a new book cover made by April M. Reign, the owner of – and this 51,000-word novel has just been re-edited, thanks to the eagle eye of Linda A., and her notes to me! Thanks, Linda!

If you like twists on fairy tales, I hope you will enjoy this one. It was so much to write and my friend H.T. and I brainstormed the plot together, years ago. It was so fun to do that with him!

(p.s. Chapter 10 is sexy, just so you know…)

VEIN GLORIOUS: A Beauty and the Beast Vampire – Werewolf Fairy Tale

A Beauty. A Werewolf. A Vampire.

VEIN GLORIOUS is a re-imagined fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast… but add vampires and a werewolf to this twist on a familiar storybook romance.

The Beauty… is a savvy spinster who is about to marry her childhood pursuer, a man with a scandalous plan to save his birthright.

The Beast… is the lord of the land who’s been carrying a torch for Beauty for years.

The Vampire… is a diabolical dressmaker who is out for blood.

Darkland is a northern land where the sun doesn’t rise for long months of the year—and that’s just the way the vampire likes it.

When a spinster agrees to marry her friend the rake, things take an unexpected turn when she learns that her betrothed has failed to pay the bridal tax to the lord of the land. In turn, the lord asserts his claim to the bride’s favor on her wedding night!

The heroine is a witty, clever woman who crosses paths with a bloodthirsty vampire and a romantic werewolf in this surprising tale of a groom with a stunning secret, a diabolical dressmaker, and a motley gang of vampire hunters from a nearby village.

VEIN GLORIOUS is a standalone fantasy romance novel about the pursuit of true love from Eve Paludan, the author of more than forty titles, including the #1 paranormal bestsellers, Vampires, She Wrote and Wolf Moon.

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DEAD AHEAD quickly hits #10 #Bestseller in #KindleWorlds #Mystery, #Thriller & #Suspense


Thanks to readers who are snapping up Vampire for Hire: DEAD AHEAD! I hope you will read my first book in the Crescent Moon Mystery series. It was such a fun one to write, and launches a brand-new series of Samantha Moon full-length novels (this one is 50,000+ words). It’s edgier fiction than you’ve seen from me before, with almost nonstop action and excitement, plus a couple of paranormal mysteries to solve for Sam and her teenage kids! The kids are really coming into their own and Fang the vampire and Kingsley the werewolf help out, too! Please check it out. I would love to know what you think of the new direction of my Vampire for Hire thriller fiction!

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