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Welcome to my shiny new author site, made with WordPress. My old Google-hosted site, EvePaludan.com, does not support blogging as we know it, and could not be effectively tinkered with, so I set up shop here on a new domain. I hope the easy navigation and new content will keep you coming back here to EvePaludanBooks.com. Please bookmark this site. The old site at EvePaludan.com is going to be revamped, but before I have  my webmaster tear it apart, I needed a great place for you to come and read about my books!

What’s newest? A full-length novel, The Man Who Fell from the Sky (Angel Detectives Case #1), is out on Kindle (for Kindle, Amazon Cloud Reader, PCs, and other reader devices) and Nook, and within the next couple of weeks, it should show up in the Apple store, as well as on Sony, Kobo, and Diesel. It is also available on Smashwords.com, in TEN formats, including the ever-popular pdf.

Here’s what a couple of top best-selling authors said about my book:

“Wonderful and Heartbreaking, Touching and Beautiful.” — J.R. Rain, author of The Body Departed

“Temptation, redemption, and angelic intervention — Paludan has woven a unique last-chance love story about a life interrupted.” — Deborah Cloyed, author of The Summer We Came to Life

I hope you will download a sample for your Kindle or check out the free excerpt at Smashwords.com. I’d love to know what you think of the book. Likewise, if you think you want to review it, please contact me for a complimentary reviewer’s copy and let me know where you plan to review it (Amazon, your blog URL, etc.). Thanks!


So, a lot of great things are happening in my life. In June 2011, I left my paycheck job as editor of scholarly work at Northern Arizona University in snowy Flagstaff. Unable to cope with the high altitude and harsh winters (11 feet of snow per season, sub-zero temperatures that cracked windshields, and slipping/falling on ice numerous times), I made my way to west Los Angeles where the palm trees sway and the ocean laps the sand, to seek my fortune as a novelist and freelance editor. Los Angeles is a fabulous place for a writer and editor. In this huge city with a big creative community, I found a lot of freelance work as a fiction editor, most notably for #1 bestselling Kindle authors H.T. Night, April Reign, and J.R. Rain, and many more authors. I am grateful to authors who hire me for freelance editing, so I can support myself while writing and selling my own novels.  Eventually, I hope to completely support myself with my fiction, but for now, I wear two hats: writer and editor. The symbiosis of writer and editor nurtures and nourishes the other.

I want to keep my blog posts newsy and fairly short, so if you only have a little bit of time to spend here, I invite you to watch my book trailer (with sound, so please use your headphones if you are at work!).

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