The Undone Man : A Science Fiction Novella is released!

What if everything you ever believed about how the universe works went slightly off-kilter?

THE UNDONE MAN is the thought-provoking debut novella of author and comedy club entertainer Mike Cecconi, who blends “what-if” science fiction with a darkly funny satire of pop culture, politics, and a man’s yearning to escape from his job in a call center. The protagonist is tormented by his desire for a woman he can’t have, his regret over leaving behind his rock ‘n roll aspirations and a simmering anxiety that his life is without true purpose or meaning.

When a reclusive local billionaire unexpectedly invites the hero to his mansion for a birthday dinner, everything he has ever known or believed about life and the universe is about to change–suddenly, he’s faced with a challenge unlike any other. Lives are at stake and the clock is ticking.

With nods to Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, and other classic genre writers, and with new twists on popular sci-fi and fantasy tropes, the author brings home what it means to become an UNDONE MAN.


Mike Cecconi was born and raised in central New York State and has a degree in screenwriting from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. While living a number of years in Los Angeles and a shorter while in Brooklyn, attempting to break into film, he rediscovered his love of the other writing forms, has performed comedy at events such as Tramiversary 5 in Utica, New York and the Anti-Folk Festival in New York City’s Lower East Side. He has had poetry published in literary journals such as Britain’s Critical Quarterly and New York’s Doubly Mad, most recently in the Utica Poets Society’s Spring/Summer Compendium. Mike currently lives in his hometown in central New York; this is his first published long-form prose.

Eve Paludan is a bestselling author of paranormal mystery romance and fantasy novels (witches, vampires, and angels) and she also edits for several bestselling authors. She edited and published Mike Cecconi’s novella because it was that compelling of a tale.

By evepaludan

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