Five Tips for Selling More Books #MondayBlogs

1. Twitter. Use it daily and get followers and tweet about your books. Retweet about other people’s books. Be interesting and engage with followers. This is truly worth the effort.

2. When sales drop off in the beginning of the month, this is normal. I have been doing this since 2008. The last two weeks of the month usually see a sales pickup.

3. My best sales days of the week are typically Thursday and Sunday. This has been across the board for a long time. If you can only promote your book on two days of the week, these are the days to do it.

4. A professionally designed cover is just the beginning. You have to have a catchy title, too. One that fits your genre and is easy to remember and ideally, with either two or three words.

5. I have thirty-something books published. Some are out of print or under other names or publishers are publishing them. My single-title books hardly sell any copies. If you want to sell more novels, series fiction is the way to go!

These are my five best tips for selling more books. I hope this helps you.

By evepaludan

Turn, turn, turn…A time to gather stones together #Mondayblogs

A lot has happened since I last wrote a #Mondayblogs.

My longtime book cover designer, dear friend, and more…was diagnosed with leukemia. He only lived ten days after that diagnosis and had only had a few chemo treatments. When he suddenly died in the hospital, no one expected that to happen. Not his doctors, not his mom and siblings, not his other friends, not his longtime roommate/ex-gf, and certainly not me.

Three weeks later, I am still in shock. I am angry. I am sad. And I am…different.

It seems strange, but I am different because he is not here. For years, almost every night, except in the last week of his life—because he did not have the breath to speak or the strength to text me—we said good night to each other between two and four a.m. unless we were already together on some adventure.

Now, the fulcrum has turned, turned, turned, and at only age 54, he is gone from this plane of existence.

How I miss him. How I knew him. How I loved him.

He was my writing muse and I was his photography muse.

Thank you for reading this. I have books to write. They will be different. As I am different now. I am gathering my stones together. My books are my stones.

The new books will still be in my voice. As always.

Tonight, please tell someone you love them. Before the turning comes.


By evepaludan