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Vampire for Hire: Wolf Moon (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire Book 1) by Eve Paludan

2 #bestsellers in @Kindleworlds #Scifi & #Fantasy!
#1 VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum Werewolf for Hire Book 1) garnered the top honor in the category at Kindleworlds. It hardly slipped from top position, except for a scant few hours here and there. Reviews are coming in now and they are all good. I am so very happy that the book is well received! I loved writing it and plan to do more Kingsley stories for #KindleWorlds!


#62 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Interrupted (Werewolf Detectives #1)

#98 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Rising (Werewolf Detectives #2)

#76 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Unleashed (Werewolf Detectives #3)

#70 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Detectives Series Box Set – Books 1, 2, and 3

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10 Tips for Writing for the Vampire for Hire Kindle World from #1 Bestselling Author Eve Paludan #MondayBlogs

1. Read the books and short stories in J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire series. So far, he’s written 20 books and stories starring Samantha Moon, a vampire private investigator and single mom of two amazing kids. The more of the series you read, the more you will get in synch with what the characters face in their daily challenges. You’ll learn their secret desires, and understand their life goals. For example, if you have read to the most current book in the series, do you know what Fang does for a living now? Do you know who is Samantha Moon’s best girlfriend? How old are Tammy and Anthony? Do you know what all of the medallions do/did? What happened to Danny? Who is Jacky and does he know what Sam is? These are basic questions and if you don’t know these answers, it would be tough to write a book in this Kindle World. (No spoilers in comments below, please!)

2. Read the current Kindle Worlds offerings in the Vampire for Hire World, or at least read the book/story descriptions and free samples to see what has already been done. You don’t want to spend your precious time creating a similar book or story to one that has already been published.

3. Look at the reviews and rankings of the current Kindle Worlds novels and stories in the Vampire for Hire World at:

4. Read the Kindle Worlds guidelines for the Vampire for Hire World at:

5. Pick a character within the Vampire for Hire World to be the protagonist of your story. If your book or story is in first person, then you will only have one viewpoint and your knowledge and empathy for your main character needs to strong enough to follow through the plot from beginning to end with your hero/heroine in EVERY scene. If you need to write ANY scenes where your protagonist is not present, choose third-person viewpoint for writing your story.  I really recommend first-person because that is what J.R. Rain uses in his Vampire for Hire books, and what his readers may expect from a Kindle Worlds book, too.

6. Once you pick a character from J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire books, what do you want to accomplish for that hero or heroine? What mystery are you going to solve? What challenges will your character face? How will the character evolve? How do you want your story to end? (You should have a good idea of how it ends before you start writing.)

7. Write your story or novel and aim for a word count of 25,000 minimum and under 50,000 maximum.  The suggested length is just my personal preference and opinion. Shorter stories may be  accepted by Kindle Worlds, however, keep in mind that you want to provide a good value to your readers. As a reader and a writer, I tend to prefer books and even stories that use chapters, rather than one huge block of text.

8. Try to stay true to the characters as they appear in J.R. Rain’s books, if possible. In a Kindle World, having familiar faces act and react the same as they do in J.R. Rain’s books is going to win your readers’ approval. Remember, the readers are reading your Vampire for Hire Kindle Worlds books because they love J.R. Rain’s books and want more of who they know and love! I suggest that you don’t kill off any characters that J.R. Rain created. Your own new characters within the story can bite the bullet if they have to, but you want to treat his characters with respect and care, as if they were your own series ensemble cast.

9. In a perfect publishing world, you should seek and find paid editors who are already fans of J.R. Rain’s own Vampire for Hire books. An editor who is already a fan of the series will be aware of character traits and quirks…and series plotlines…that other editors wouldn’t know.

10. My best tip is to use LOTS of dialogue to show your story, rather than tell in narrative. Hey, lots of dialogue works for J.R. Rain’s books.

Note: As in all publishing venues, submitting a book or story doesn’t mean that it will be accepted by the publisher. However if you adhere to a high level of professionalism in your work, and respect the wonderful world of Samantha Moon, Vampire for Hire, I think you have a pretty good chance at Kindle Worlds. Good luck to all Vampire for Hire lovers and writers.

I hope you will visit all of the launch authors’ pages in the Vampire for Hire Kindle World. Thanks for the book love, launch authors, and especially, love to all Vampire for Hire readers! And of course, thank you to J.R. Rain, the creator of Samantha Moon, Vampire for Hire.  — Eve Paludan

Wolf Moon (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire Book 1) by Eve Paludan  Vampire Apocalypse by J. Thorn Crystal Moon by Jackson Stein  Vampire Abduction by D.C. YoungMoon Crossing (A Jax Thriller) by Alan Riehl

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What’s it about? #Vampire for Hire: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, #Werewolf for Hire #1) A #KindleWorlds novel

VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON is the first novel of Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, a planned series by Eve Paludan set within the licensed Kindle World of Vampire for Hire characters created by J. R. Rain, bestselling paranormal mystery romance author.

41,000 WORDS. A meaty read for a Kindle Worlds novel!


Werewolf for hire. Vampires on a train. One hell of a contract.

Kingsley Fulcrum is a werewolf and a lawyer. As the on-again, off-again boyfriend of vampire private eye Samantha Moon, he often takes on cases that tick her off. When his legal cases cross paths with her private investigations, the sparks can fly!

In WOLF MOON, Jolie Hart is a new vampire with a unique singing voice–and a serious case of amnesia. She hires Kingsley to protect her from clauses in her contract with a vampire who claims he’s the Devil. Kingsley hires Samantha to go undercover to help him prevent his client’s frightening destiny. Fang–a powerful vampire with a strong connection to Sam–has a compelling, romantic interest in the rising rock star.

Two days before the full moon, when the supernaturals head to Vegas on a train for Jolie’s debut concert, an ancient supernatural creature meets them at their destination. And he’s none too pleased at being summoned by Kingsley.

When the four immortals join forces to take a bite out of supernatural crime, things can get downright lethal. Or downright funny. Depending on who’s bitten and who’s smitten…

A werewolf, vampires and shifters! Will Kingsley, Sam, Fang and their unexpected fearless leader be able to save the beautiful Jolie from a fate worse than undeath?

WOLF MOON is the first novella of Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, a planned series set within the licensed Kindle World of Vampire for Hire characters created by J. R. Rain, bestselling paranormal mystery romance author.

Author Eve Paludan lives in Mesa, Arizona, where she writes fiction. She also enjoys swimming, researching the paranormal world, and reading urban fantasy, mysteries and romance.

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#Vampire for Hire: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, #Werewolf for Hire #1) A #KindleWorlds novel #mondayblogs


Wow, wow, wow. Amazon Kindle Worlds says I am now allowed to share my ‪#‎BIGNEWS‬!

I have been sitting on this secret for three weeks. I am honored to have been chosen to be one of the World launch authors for the ‪#‎VampireforHire‬ ‪#‎KindleWorld‬ by J.R Rain, Mystery Author and Amazon Kindle Worlds. (A launch author means that our books are the first in the licensed fiction world created by Amazon to support and expand on the character stories of a bestselling author.)

For years, it has been on my bucket list to be allowed to write a Samantha Moon and Kingsley Fulcrum novel. Now, Amazon Kindle Worlds and J.R. Rain allowed me to create my own series within this Kindle World and is based on the case files that I create of Kingsley Fulcrum, the werewolf lawyer and love interest of Samantha Moon. There is plenty of Sam Moon and other familiar characters in my new novel, WOLF MOON. It is a meaty 41,000+ words and expands on what J.R. Rain has created, but doesn’t go past any existing stories. Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, is just more of the characters you love.

Thank you, as always, J.R. Rain for creating Samantha Moon, Vampire for Hire. I think I might be your most ardent fan of the series and truly, having my own series with your characters (and some new ones of my own!) is such a phenomenal event in my life as a fiction writer.

Thank you for choosing me as one of the launch authors. I am forever…a lover of your series and hope to tell many, many Kingsley stories for a long time to come!

$1.99 gets you VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire #1)

My deepest gratitude to the creator of such a wondrous series and I hope I will always do justice to your characters and plotlines.

Book love from, Eve Paludan

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