#Vampire for Hire: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, #Werewolf for Hire #1) A #KindleWorlds novel #mondayblogs



Wow, wow, wow. Amazon Kindle Worlds says I am now allowed to share my ‪#‎BIGNEWS‬!

I have been sitting on this secret for three weeks. I am honored to have been chosen to be one of the World launch authors for the ‪#‎VampireforHire‬ ‪#‎KindleWorld‬ by J.R Rain, Mystery Author and Amazon Kindle Worlds. (A launch author means that our books are the first in the licensed fiction world created by Amazon to support and expand on the character stories of a bestselling author.)

For years, it has been on my bucket list to be allowed to write a Samantha Moon and Kingsley Fulcrum novel. Now, Amazon Kindle Worlds and J.R. Rain allowed me to create my own series within this Kindle World and is based on the case files that I create of Kingsley Fulcrum, the werewolf lawyer and love interest of Samantha Moon. There is plenty of Sam Moon and other familiar characters in my new novel, WOLF MOON. It is a meaty 41,000+ words and expands on what J.R. Rain has created, but doesn’t go past any existing stories. Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, is just more of the characters you love.

Thank you, as always, J.R. Rain for creating Samantha Moon, Vampire for Hire. I think I might be your most ardent fan of the series and truly, having my own series with your characters (and some new ones of my own!) is such a phenomenal event in my life as a fiction writer.

Thank you for choosing me as one of the launch authors. I am forever…a lover of your series and hope to tell many, many Kingsley stories for a long time to come!

$1.99 gets you VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire #1)

My deepest gratitude to the creator of such a wondrous series and I hope I will always do justice to your characters and plotlines.

Book love from, Eve Paludan


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