Guest Post: author Eve Paludan discusses her experience in Kindle Worlds writing books with other authors’ characters

Thanks, Marcia. It was a blast to do a guest blog on your book talk site!

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Today we have the immense pleasure of welcoming author Eve Paludan to Marcia’s Book Talk. Eve, the author of many paranormal romance and science fiction books, discusses her experience writing books on Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, and how wonderful it was to be able to write in collaboration with author J.R. Rain. This is an incisive and very helpful essay, with much pertinent information for those writers who are thinking of writing for Kindle Worlds. For more about this, here’s Eve…

Eve Paludan, author photograph Eve Paludan, author photograph


Kindle Worlds: Writing Books with Other Authors’ Characters by Eve Paludan

So far, I have two Kindle Worlds titles: The Abnorm Chronicles: Glimmer and Vampire for Hire: Wolf Moon (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire Book 1).


My entry into Kindle Worlds was unexpected and thrilling. In February 2014, bestselling author J.R. Rain honored me by asking me to collaborate on a novella with him for The…

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