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Vampire for Hire: Dragon Lessons (Daughter of the Vampire: A Tammy Moon Standalone Novel)

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Three wishes. Two star-crossed lovers. One noble quest.

DRAGON LESSONS (Daughter of the Vampire – A Tammy Moon Standalone Novel) stars Tammy Moon in her very own thrilling paranormal fantasy adventure! Please join Tammy and the dragon shifter, Thorn, as they pursue a heartfelt quest for goodness in an evil world. And Tammy falls in love for the first time…

Tammy is the seventeen-year-old, mind-reading daughter of vampire private investigator, Samantha Moon. Her brother, Anthony, is a Fire Warrior. Kingsley Fulcrum is Samantha’s werewolf boyfriend. AND… By day, a man, by night, a dragon, Thorn is the handsome dragon shifter who changes Tammy’s life, forever…

In DRAGON LESSONS, the “Dragonriders of Pern” meets “Ladyhawke” as Tammy brings a dragon quill from the dream world into her world. The quill is a magic wand with the power to grant three wishes. Tammy turns her world upside down with her first wish—adventure ensues as a legendary dragon comes to modern-day California to fulfill a noble quest. But time is running out!

When epic danger threatens all they hold dear, Tammy and Thorn join forces with supernatural family and friends to recover a stolen relic before it falls into the hands of the planet’s most evil creature.

When Tammy falls for Thorn, will she become a dragon so she can stay with him forever? Will Thorn fulfill his quest? What will Tammy’s third wish be?

DRAGON LESSONS is an 83,000-word (long) standalone novel, set within the licensed Kindle Worlds of Vampire for Hire’s Samantha Moon characters created by J. R. Rain, #1 bestselling paranormal mystery romance author.

The bestselling author of more than forty books, author Eve Paludan lives in sunny Arizona, where she enjoys writing paranormal mystery, fantasy, adventure and romance about dragons, vampires, werewolves and ghosts.

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