Australians: If Amazon is #geoblocking you from the U.S. site…

Australians: If Amazon is you from the U.S. site, most of my books are also available at (except for Kindle Worlds novels). I have Kindle ebooks for as low as AUS$1.05. Thank you for being my readers! I appreciate you

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What I Said in My Newsletter

Eve Paludan, Author Newsletter, May 23, 2018
Here I am again after a long time, I know!
Some wonderful things have happened since the last time I wrote to you. And some other things, too…
Since you last heard from me by newsletter, I was the 24/7 caregiver for my mom for some long months. She passed away and it was good to spend her last time on Earth together. After all, she brought me into the world. It only seems fitting that I was there when it was time for her to leave. And you think you can just jump back to your previous life and be productive and creative, but it takes time and I took that time because I seriously needed it for grieving. It is very hard to watch a parent die, a little more every day, for months and months. She did not sleep much, due to the pain, and that was not a time where I could write with any real passion because the life was being sucked out of me, too.
It’s been a while. Now, I am back as an author, getting very productive behind the scenes and very creative. The experience of losing my mom has made me think of many stories that she told me about our family and I will weave them into my fiction in a way that my relatives would never recognize anyone, which is a good thing.
There have been some shakeups in the book industry that have been unexpected, but I have been in this business for more than 20 years, almost a quarter of a century, actually. And I have seen hard times and good times. We are about due for some good times again. Don’t you think?
The thrill of publishing books has kept me busy. I also edit for several clients, but I am not looking for any new clients because my writing productivity has dropped while I served the needs of others. I’m just keeping my fave clients because they supported me in the years when I was up and coming. I love them so much and am full of gratitude for all they have done for me so I keep working for them.
I’m starting to feel less energetic, even though I have these spurts of taking really good care of myself and have lost about 10 pounds since May 1st on a low-carb diet and I do water aerobics almost year-round in a heated pool. I will continue these good habits because I feel better every day and I am slowly losing weight, the weight that you put on when you grieve and look for comfort in food and sleep and burying myself in other people’s books. It is life, and it is not always kind, but as humans, we bounce back if we are patient and good to ourselves.
I have come to some realizations. We only have a finite time in this life and as mine heads toward the back side of a number I don’t want to reveal, I have to carve out more time to develop and publish my books and be really selfish with my time. I am almost halfway to my bucket list of publishing 100 books in my lifetime, but I need more time to get things done and am taking it.
Sometimes, I get in a hurry, though. I got thrown for a loop, literally, in the last couple of weeks when a railing snapped when I was energetically going down some steps while talking to my son and… Boom! I landed on concrete with my left elbow breaking the fall. I didn’t go to the doctor because I didn’t think anything was broken and also, I just got finished paying my medical bills from the year 2014. No joke!
After I fell, it was about 10 days before I could type with both arms again without literally crying. But I am okay and getting better every day. I need both arms to be an author! (Soon, my son is going to build me new stairs and new railings and meanwhile, I am using the other door of my house to go in and out, even though I have to walk all the way around the house to do it.)
I did have some new books published since I last wrote a newsletter and they were in the licensed fiction Kindle Worlds program and did well. There have been some changes with this elite Amazon publishing program and I will be moving my books to some different marketing models, still within Amazon!
People tell me to go wide with my books, but here is the truth: Amazon Kindle is the ONLY publishing platform that I know of without rampant book piracy. Authors have (allegedly) been complaining about iTunes and other venues with rampant book piracy. I am not in this completely for fun. I am in it to earn a living, too, so I can’t pretend piracy doesn’t matter. It certainly does! The Kindle technology is proprietary and strong and even in 2018, experts are saying no one has ever cracked the digital rights management technology of a DRM-enabled Kindle ebook. That means something to me as an author and I love the Amazon publishing platform. As well, in 2018, I have had some publishing offers and am weighing them because I do love indie publishers. And I have a BIG, BIG book that has never been published and I am going to shop it around to traditional publishers, you know, the Big 5.
Another thing that happened to me is that a contract that I had not to compete with nonfiction books about writing is expired and I am free now to write nonfiction books for writers and I have something going there, too. No, not a revamp of THE ROMANCE WRITER’S PINK PAGES. Something completely new and fresh.
But some things have changed for me and I am enthusiastic to be still writing books for love and for money in 2018.
I do want to let you know that I am suspending publication of this newsletter due to the new privacy laws in the EU and right now, about 80% of my book sales are from the UK. I’ll try to explain my decision. See also
As of May 25th, 2018, the EU countries will not allow anything free to be provided in exchange for an email address. So, I have decided to suspend this author newsletter because I would not be able to announce my free ebooks in it! Many of my ebook customers are in the EU and my decision to suspend the newsletter is directly related to the requirement to comply with GDPR requirements. I know that others are tinkering with their email lists and creating different email lists and different emails for people in different countries, but I am not doing that. I like to keep things simple and the simplest way to get my news to readers is through my web site blog and also social media posts. Thanks for understanding that the suspension of the newsletter by May 25th, 2018, is because of the GDPR! I cannot give away anything free in an emailed newsletter to anyone in the EU after May 25th, it is as simple as that. I am relating my layperson’s interpretation of all the legalese that surrounds the difficulty of the GDPR compliance. I wanted to write about the Privacy Policy in easy-to-understand English that still complies with the privacy policies every web site must now post.
So, please make sure to bookmark my website so you can come back to the front page of the blog to get all the latest news of free ebooks and other news without having to supply your email address. That keeps me from breaking the EU laws and even though I live in the US, I still have to comply with the GDPR. And I was not willing to do different newsletters for different countries which would involve me invading subscribers’ privacy by asking what country they live in. It’s just too time-consuming when I can just send people to my web site and let them read all the news there, or just make announcements on Facebook at and
Read the rest of my explanation here:
Now I have to go add the privacy policy on all of my websites. I hope you will love the new books I have coming out this summer. I am still in negotiations with a publisher, but watch my blog at my website for all the news!
While I am sad to suspend publication of this newsletter in order to have compliance with the new privacy laws, I applaud the laws, too, because there will be a lot less spam in the world and a lot less data stealing.
You might want to bookmark my Amazon link because that is the fastest way to get access to my books.
Thank you for the years of faithful readership. More than 20. Let’s keep meeting up in books. That is my favorite way to connect with you. Email is just the delivery system, but I think that blogs are more effective and social media, too.
There are always going to be changes in a career and how we adapt to them always sets us on a new path. I feel like I am making a sound decision not scrambling and ending newsletters and starting new ones with double opt-ins and making separate lists of my EU readers. I know other authors are trying to get around the EU rules with all of this splitting up of the email lists, but my view is that if you ask a subscriber what country they are from, you are already invading their privacy. I hope that you will see my decision as taking the high road.
I’ll see you on my blog and on social media!
Thanks for the years of book love. May it always be.
Eve Paludan
By evepaludan

VEIN GLORIOUS has a new book cover!

veinglorious_onkindleVEIN GLORIOUS has a new book cover made by April M. Reign, the owner of – and this 51,000-word novel has just been re-edited, thanks to the eagle eye of Linda A., and her notes to me! Thanks, Linda!

If you like twists on fairy tales, I hope you will enjoy this one. It was so much to write and my friend H.T. and I brainstormed the plot together, years ago. It was so fun to do that with him!

(p.s. Chapter 10 is sexy, just so you know…)

VEIN GLORIOUS: A Beauty and the Beast Vampire – Werewolf Fairy Tale

A Beauty. A Werewolf. A Vampire.

VEIN GLORIOUS is a re-imagined fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast… but add vampires and a werewolf to this twist on a familiar storybook romance.

The Beauty… is a savvy spinster who is about to marry her childhood pursuer, a man with a scandalous plan to save his birthright.

The Beast… is the lord of the land who’s been carrying a torch for Beauty for years.

The Vampire… is a diabolical dressmaker who is out for blood.

Darkland is a northern land where the sun doesn’t rise for long months of the year—and that’s just the way the vampire likes it.

When a spinster agrees to marry her friend the rake, things take an unexpected turn when she learns that her betrothed has failed to pay the bridal tax to the lord of the land. In turn, the lord asserts his claim to the bride’s favor on her wedding night!

The heroine is a witty, clever woman who crosses paths with a bloodthirsty vampire and a romantic werewolf in this surprising tale of a groom with a stunning secret, a diabolical dressmaker, and a motley gang of vampire hunters from a nearby village.

VEIN GLORIOUS is a standalone fantasy romance novel about the pursuit of true love from Eve Paludan, the author of more than forty titles, including the #1 paranormal bestsellers, Vampires, She Wrote and Wolf Moon.

By evepaludan