Jessie: A Mystery Romance now available at Kobo and Scribd!

COVER_jessie_20180718h_font_embossingtape1Finding Jessie has a new cover and a new title. It is now Jessie: A Mystery Romance. The book has a fresh edit and a new cover. And the interior of the book is absolutely gorgeous, with drop caps and chapter head images and a very “print book” look and feel. (Print books are coming for my backlist, too. It will just take a little longer because I need paperback wraparound covers with a spine.) Best of all, Jessie: A Mystery Romance is now available in multiple online stores (and more to come), not just Amazon!

So far, it’s live on Kobo and Scribd, with more e-tailers to come. (I’m waiting on Barnes and Noble Nook and some other online stores, but I am so excited I had to tell you!)

I am saying goodbye to exclusivity at Amazon for many of my books and opening my books to a wider audience. Please come on this journey with me as I revamp my backlist to make it even better, put fresh covers and fresh edits into the effort and really go global! Thank you for the wonderful support over the last 28 years since I became a published author! I love my readers and want to bring you the best novels and stories and more!

Universal link for stores other than Amazon:

Amazon only:

By evepaludan

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