DRAGON LESSONS is Now Available Internationally!

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The daughter of #vampireforhire #SamanthaMoon falls for a #dragonshifter!
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New title (the old title was Vein Glorious). New book cover. New interior design. A fresh edit!

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Authors: Thinking of going wider with your books?

As well as selling my books on Amazon, I am now going wider with my book marketing and I already have some selling at other venues besides Amazon. (First, I un-enrolled them from Kindle Select to comply with Amazon rules because I wanted to leave my book for sale there, too, of course.)

However, if you want to go wide with your books, instead of just relying on Amazon sales, and would love to see your books selling in Barnes & Noble, Apple, and many other online retailers, just click on my referral link to find out about free publishing in multiple venues via Draft2Digital.com:


There are GORGEOUS, INSTANT interior book styles to choose from with beautiful drop caps, chapter head styles, and a very professional presentation for the interior of your book, without a lot of formatting headaches. Want to change styles? It’s ONE CLICK to switch to a different style (from the pre-made styles available).

Do you want your book interior to look like this?



Please check it out. What have you got to lose by going wide with your books?

(Just remember to remove your books from Amazon’s Select program by unchecking the auto-renew box under “manage your enrollment” before you go wide and wait until your enrollment expires before publishing your books via Draft2Digital.com. Leave your book for sale at Amazon, too, but  add the other retailers with D2D.)

Sales dropping? Page views dropping, too? It’s time to get serious about getting your books in the hands of more readers. Maybe it is a great time to think about the bigger picture for marketing your books via multiple venues.

Get your book on Nook and phones and tablets and everywhere. It is just ONE upload of your book and cover that will push your book into multiple markets!

Draft2Digital.com makes it so easy to “go wide.” Make today the first day of your plan to get your book in many markets! I chose Draft2Digital.com to augment my presence at Amazon with other online retailers–I hope you will, too.

— Eve Paludan


p.s. Soon, I will tell you about Draft2Digital’s universal book links. Here is a sneak peek!


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GHOST FIRE is on sale for #99cents today!

GHOST FIRE is on sale for #99cents today from my publisher, Rain Press (J.R. Rain). I had a lot of fun writing it, including going to a couple of psychics to do research. It is a standalone book within the Ghost Files series. Grab it for under a buck while you can!

In GHOST FIRE, paranormal investigators Ellen and Monty Drew go to West Los Angeles for some rest and relaxation, as well as to shop for items to redecorate their home. But, apparently, there is to be no respite. Ellen is a ghost magnet, so they now have 48 hours to solve a spontaneous combustion mystery in a haunted co-op art gallery before its grand opening in Venice, California.

Spirits abound, including a flapper from the 1920s who haunts the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, the tormented ghost of a jockey, the spirit of a horse that shows up at a barbecue, the ghost of a former professor’s wife, the possession of a cab driver, an ex-nun who paints dead people she’s never met, and the accidental release of one ticked-off chupacabra spirit.

Will Monty and Ellen get roasted by the poltergeist? Will they ever get to the beach? This is Ellen and Monty Drew’s most ghost-packed paranormal investigation case yet.

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WOLF MOON is rising up the bestseller ranks!


(and all international Amazon e-stores!)

Thank you to my readers and to my publisher, Rain Press (the imprint is J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire World).

WOLF MOON is rising up the bestseller charts! Thanks to everyone for the support and I hope you enjoy the book, which is now available in all Amazon retailers across the globe!
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #8,043 Paid in Kindle Store
#53 in Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Supernatural > Vampires
#59 in Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Supernatural > Werewolves & Shifters
#331 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Women’s Fiction > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Women Sleuths
#Werewolf for Hire
#Vampires on a train
One hell of a contract!
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