Launch Day for the Box Set: The Pauline Ocean Medium Mysteries

My novel, Hollywood Hills, is in this new box set, The Pauline Ocean Medium Mysteries, which is published by Rain Press.I actually visited mediums in Los Angeles to get a feel for the book while I was writing it and to create a voice of authenticity.

Fun fact: the haunted house in the novel is a place where I met with an editing client and I met her through Craigslist. (She starred on a TV show, and I edited three books for her.) The house she rented was perched high in the Hollywood Hills and one scene of the movie, Indiscreet (with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman), was filmed there. Just thought I would share a little story behind the making of the story, Hollywood Hills.

I hope you will enjoy my novel, Hollywood Hills, and want to read all of the books in this multi-author series. Here’s what my novel is about:

Pauline Ocean uses her medium gifts to solve clients’ problems with the dead—and Mack, her resident ghost, helps her. However, while her psychic abilities enable her to solve mysteries and steer troubled spirits toward the light, they often put her in grave danger…After a night of poker and partying, Pauline’s medium powers are in jeopardy. She must change her lifestyle or lose her ability to communicate with ghosts. If that happens, Mack will be lost to her forever.Pauline hopes that a weekend in a health spa will restore her full powers. There, she meets Amanda Jordan, an indie movie producer with a dark secret—and her own paranormal problems.

(I’m sending you to the box set because the launch price is pretty sweet for all of the books in that series. Includes a bonus book, The Body Departed, by J.R. Rain.)

By evepaludan

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