Much Ado About Vampires

Rain Press is excited to announce the latest release from Rain Press! Much Ado About Vampires is a steamy standalone retelling of “Beauty and the Beast,” as only Eve Paludan can tell it.

Much Ado About Vampires: A Dark Fairy Tale by [Eve Paludan, J.R. Rain]

Much Ado About Vampires: A Dark Fairy Tale This re-imagined Beauty and the Beast story unfurls a dark and twisty fairy tale of wanton longing, sensual seduction, and sizzling passion. On the heroine’s wedding night, a werewolf nobleman requests the pleasure of her company. And the reason why is absolutely stunning.When a spinster agrees to marry her longtime frenemy to save his parents’ estate and provide him with an heir, things take an unexpected turn when she learns that her betrothed has failed to pay the bridal tax to the lord of their land.In turn, the lord of the land asserts his claim to the bride’s favors on her wedding night. Ironically, she’s been in love with him for years, but he’s a recluse who hasn’t been seen in a long time. So the bride’s wedding night with the lord of the land, instead of with her groom, will be… interesting, to say the least.A wild, fun story! Grab it now – only $2.99 (or FREE with Kindle Unlimited). Happy reading!!

By evepaludan

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