DEAD AHEAD is #free for a limited time!

“Are Tammy and Anthony really vampire slayers? These questions and more were answered so deliciously…” — Amazon review

For a limited time, Dead Ahead (J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire World Book 6) by Eve Paludan is #FREE from Rain Press!

Samantha Moon’s latest client owns a donut shop—but this case is anything but sweet.

Sam is hired to follow a potentially cheating spouse—who happens to be a female narcotics detective who works the graveyard shift…a woman with a shocking secret.

Meanwhile, when Tammy eavesdrops on the thoughts of several classmates, she discovers one is seemingly on the path to becoming a vampire.

Tammy concocts a well-intended but naive plan to save the girl from becoming a vampire. In the process, she not only puts herself but also her brother Anthony in mortal jeopardy…

As Sam’s case intersects with Tammy and Anthony’s rescue mission, an outbreak of teen vampires propels this Moon family mystery toward its stunning conclusion!

By evepaludan