About Eve

Eve Paludan’s first print book in the 90s, The Romance Writer’s Pink Pages: The Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Romance Novel Published (Prima), went on to become a popular series–two of the editions became #1 bestsellers for Writer’s Digest Book Club. She has also worked as a content editor and as a web designer for software companies; as an editor of scholarly work at a state university; and as a small-town newspaper employee. Previously a longtime northern Arizonan, in June 2011, she moved to the west side of Los Angeles, California, to escape snow and high altitude, but especially, to pursue her writing in a big city with a beach and a large creative community.

Now a full-time author and editor, she writes novels and publishes them on Kindle. She also edits for other novelists, including bestselling authors H.T. Night and J.R. Rain. Her newest book is The Man Who Fell from the Sky (Angel Detectives Case #1). Her other fiction works include more romances: Taking Back Tara and Letters from David. In addition, she was the editor for Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts, Oh My! (and Other Creatures of the Night STORIES) Anthology — it contains 16 stories from 13 authors.

Eve lives in a tiny apartment with four laptops, books, and a Kindle. Besides books, her passions include walking at the beach and in her west LA neighborhood, exploring art museums, learning outdoor photography, and research of the supernatural and the spiritual, including angels, ghosts, and God. If you can’t find her on the beach in Santa Monica or Venice, or ghost hunting in haunted Hollywood, just follow Eve Paludan on Facebook, Twitter, and on her self-named website or EvePaludanBooks.com (the site you’re on right now).

Photo by David H. Doucot Studios

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