WITCH LIST (Witch Detectives #5) is live!


WITCH LIST (Witch Detectives #5) – A Scottish enchantress, a spell witch, a werewolf, and an enchanter seek a stolen parchment to break a 450-year-old curse. A brand-new BIG novel in the best-selling paranormal mystery romance series by Eve Paludan!

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KINDLE US: http://amazon.com/dp/B07SLD9PK3/

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KOBO: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/witch-list

PLAYSTER: https://play.playster.com/books/10009781393671305

BARNES & NOBLE (NOOK): Coming soon

APPLE ITUNES: Coming soon

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Lola Romance in the City (Chick Lit) now available on Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iTunes, etc.!

lolakindleNew cover. Fresh edit. Upgraded interiors…
(previous title was Chasing Broadway)

Lola falls for the leading man. But her sexy ex-husband shows up to win her back.
♡ LOLA: Romance in the City ♡
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ALSO NOW ON MULTIPLE ONLINE RETAILERS (Apple, Nook, etc.! https://www.books2read.com/u/3krPjL

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Boxset! Happily Ever Afters – Three Romance Novels: Jessie Claire Lola

❤ #HappilyEverAfters – Three Romance Novels: Jessie Claire Lola ❤
208,000+ words! #happyendings #HEA
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HAPPILY EVER AFTERS – Three Romance Novels:

  • Jessie – A mysterious past!

  • Claire – A reinvented life!

  • Lola – A love triangle!

IS A BOXSET COLLECTION THAT CONTAINS 3 FULL-LENGTH CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE NOVELS (more than 208,000 words!) by Eve Paludan, a bestselling author of more than forty books and stories.


Sam’s quiet life as a New England bookseller and part-time lawyer is turned upside down when a tussle over a vintage children’s book turns him into the reluctant rescuer of a younger woman. He falls in love, but Jessie is a fragile and mysterious beauty with dark secrets—secrets much darker than his own.


Claire faces devastating loss and reinvents her life in a house by the sea. Estranged from her grown children by circumstances beyond her control, she considers the possibility of new love and fresh purpose when she embraces something she never had before: her freedom.


Determined to follow in the footsteps of her successful playwright father, Lola falls for the leading man in her first play, but when her ex-husband shows up to win her back, the resulting love triangle throws her heart, her head—and the play—for a loop.

Jessie was previously published as Finding Jessie.
Claire was previously published as Rekindling Claire.
Lola was previously published as Chasing Broadway.


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DEAD AHEAD quickly hits #10 #Bestseller in #KindleWorlds #Mystery, #Thriller & #Suspense


Thanks to readers who are snapping up Vampire for Hire: DEAD AHEAD! I hope you will read my first book in the Crescent Moon Mystery series. It was such a fun one to write, and launches a brand-new series of Samantha Moon full-length novels (this one is 50,000+ words). It’s edgier fiction than you’ve seen from me before, with almost nonstop action and excitement, plus a couple of paranormal mysteries to solve for Sam and her teenage kids! The kids are really coming into their own and Fang the vampire and Kingsley the werewolf help out, too! Please check it out. I would love to know what you think of the new direction of my Vampire for Hire thriller fiction!

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#VampireforHire: #DeadAhead by @EVEPALUDAN
🇺🇸 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BZV56HK


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Look what my publisher just put on sale for 99 cents!

Get the boxset of the complete Brotherhood of the Blade trilogy for just 99 cents for a very limited time! If you are a fan of vampires, Samantha Moon and Vampire for Hire by J.R. Rain, please check out this bestselling series spin-off at a fantastic price!

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