DRAGON LESSONS is the #9 BESTSELLER today in the KW Sci-fi and fantasy category!

Thanks readers! DRAGON LESSONS is the #9 BESTSELLER today in the Kindle Worlds sci-fi and fantasy category!

“An uplifting story of heart and destiny.”
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By evepaludan

Another five stars for #DragonLessons

I got a second #fivestars #review on DRAGON LESSONS! By the way, my “fun and quick read” is 83,000+ words, so I am flattered that it was that well-paced! 😉
5.0 out of 5 star Dragon 🐉 Lessons
By Pamela on December 14, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this story!💜 I thought it was a fun and quick read. I hope Ms. Paludan will continue this with a Dragon 🐉 Lessons #2!
I might be #SamanthaMoon‘s biggest fan. She’s the #vampire #dragon #detective of @jr_rain’s #VampireforHire. I write novels for @KindleWorlds and this #series so much that I wrote an 83,000-word novel all about #TammyMoon!
By evepaludan

New from #JRRain and #MatthewSCox: Containment


CONTAINMENT is now available!! 2nd in the Winter Solstice series!! Grab it here: http://amzn.to/2zGf1jS #Amazon #Kindle #Ebook #Book #JRRain #Elf #Fantasy #Adventure #Fiction #Novel #MatthewSCox #Series #Mystery

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Containment by @jr_rain and Matthew S. Cox

Something big stirs in the murk of the Volga river, emerging at night to sow mayhem and death along the banks.


By evepaludan

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Vampire for Hire: Dragon Lessons (Daughter of the Vampire: A Tammy Moon Standalone Novel)

#brandnew! $3.99 ♨ #DRAGON LESSONS ♨
#dragons #vampires #werewolf #paranormal #fantasy
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Three wishes. Two star-crossed lovers. One noble quest.

DRAGON LESSONS (Daughter of the Vampire – A Tammy Moon Standalone Novel) stars Tammy Moon in her very own thrilling paranormal fantasy adventure! Please join Tammy and the dragon shifter, Thorn, as they pursue a heartfelt quest for goodness in an evil world. And Tammy falls in love for the first time…

Tammy is the seventeen-year-old, mind-reading daughter of vampire private investigator, Samantha Moon. Her brother, Anthony, is a Fire Warrior. Kingsley Fulcrum is Samantha’s werewolf boyfriend. AND… By day, a man, by night, a dragon, Thorn is the handsome dragon shifter who changes Tammy’s life, forever…

In DRAGON LESSONS, the “Dragonriders of Pern” meets “Ladyhawke” as Tammy brings a dragon quill from the dream world into her world. The quill is a magic wand with the power to grant three wishes. Tammy turns her world upside down with her first wish—adventure ensues as a legendary dragon comes to modern-day California to fulfill a noble quest. But time is running out!

When epic danger threatens all they hold dear, Tammy and Thorn join forces with supernatural family and friends to recover a stolen relic before it falls into the hands of the planet’s most evil creature.

When Tammy falls for Thorn, will she become a dragon so she can stay with him forever? Will Thorn fulfill his quest? What will Tammy’s third wish be?

DRAGON LESSONS is an 83,000-word (long) standalone novel, set within the licensed Kindle Worlds of Vampire for Hire’s Samantha Moon characters created by J. R. Rain, #1 bestselling paranormal mystery romance author.

The bestselling author of more than forty books, author Eve Paludan lives in sunny Arizona, where she enjoys writing paranormal mystery, fantasy, adventure and romance about dragons, vampires, werewolves and ghosts.

By evepaludan

FREE through Oct. 15: WITCHY BUSINESS (Witch Detectives #1)


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Bewitched by her handsome, rich client, has Elle the witch met her magic match? Will she solve an art theft … or commit a wicked crime of the heart?

By evepaludan


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This heroine is a horror author who crashes funerals and she has a bit of a thing for a hunky mortician/funeral director!


(From Sept 1st through 5th, download this book to your Kindle or your computer free with your Amazon account — it’s free in most countries with Amazon. After Sept 5th, read this book for free via a subscription to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited!)


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Free through August 15th: WITCHY BUSINESS (Witch Detectives #1)


˃˃˃ Eve Paludan, the bestselling author of more than 20 novels, teams up with bestselling UK author, Stuart Sharp, to bring readers a bewitching slice of modern Scotland with witches, warlocks, enchantresses, goblins, and a werewolf. So far, there are four novels in the series and more novels are in the works. Stay spellbound in a compelling paranormal mystery romance series that will enchant readers! It’s full of magic!

#FREE from August 11th through August 15th, 2017
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Presented by #1 bestselling Kindle vampire author, J.R. Rain.

Compelling supernatural witch mystery with lots of humor, snappy dialogue, romance and paranormal thrills.

What do a werewolf, a missing M.C. Escher artwork and an Astin Martin convertible have in common? They’re no match for Elle Chambers. Elle Chambers is an insurance investigator, and one who solves cases using unconventional means. Supernatural means. Elle is a witch–and a darn good one, too. She’s an enchantress, too, a witch whose powers focus on the manipulation of emotions.

Elle always thought she wasn’t much of a witch, but she’s made the most of her magic enchantress powers as an insurance claims investigator in Edinburgh, Scotland. She builds barriers around her emotions, and takes solace in her interesting cases. She is safe and successful and a little lonely. Until. . .

Elle lands her newest case and meets a man who knows her better than she knows herself. Niall is handsome, wealthy, enigmatic, and also holds the key to everything Elle has been searching for…oh…and he may be trying to kill her. Has Elle met her magical match? Will she solve a crime…or commit one? Can she overcome her fears and discover the pleasure of. . .pleasure? Is anything what it seems. . .or is anyone? WITCHY BUSINESS is “Wicked fun!”

Witchy Business is a full-length novel and the first in a continuing paranormal romance mystery series. The next two books, Witch and Famous (#2) and Witch Way Out (#3) are already available on Kindle. Witch Bones (#4) will be published by late September 2014.

”Great Witch Mystery and Romance Combo.” — Douglas C. Meeks, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

”I LIKE this new take on vampires.” – Laura H.

“Enjoyable, believable and entertaining.” – Muumol

”Cute new series.” – K.Dunst

“Spellbinding.” – Efinn1

”Delightful story.” – Anna Roudenbush
“Twisted scenes, full of surprises, captivate readers.” — Charlotte M. Liebel

”Being Pagan and of Scottish descent I found this to be totally fictional and a most enjoyable and entertaining read.” – Susan McArthur

”A joy to read.” – Elsie Penaloza

”Bewitching read. — Purple Jewels

”Wicked fun! Very Clever!”


By evepaludan