Taking Back Tara is Free Today (Mother’s Day)

Woohoo, what a great Mother’s Day present! I woke up to find that Taking Back Tara which is FREE TODAY, is #1,178 in the Kindle store! And, another very nice review was posted. Would you all please help me get to the top 100 free titles today by downloading Taking Back Tara from Amazon? It works on Kindle, PC, and many reader devices, including phones. Thank you for making my day, lovely readers of my books. Please share this post or tweet about it on Twitter. It is only free today, Mother’s Day, as part of the Amazon Select program. If you want the tweet text, you can use this:

Taking Back Tara by @evepaludan is free for Mother’s Day only on Kindle. Please RT. TY and may love abound for you.

By evepaludan