What Readers Say About HOLLYWOOD HILLS

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HOLLYWOOD HILLS (Medium Mysteries #3) is now available!

The book has some great reviews. Here are some of the comments from readers:

“Well-written story with great characters. Highly recommended!”

“Mediums, ghosts, witches…a little bit of something for everyone”

“Best one yet in the series, so far”


“Can a ghost and a live medium have a happily-ever-after?”

“Another great Medium Mysteries book”

“Amazing book!! Exciting, mysterious and completely original!!”

“I loved it!”

Grab your copy by bestselling author, Eve Paludan. (links below)

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The Medium Mysteries series is published by J.R. Rain Press.

I do hope you enjoy it!

Eve Paludan
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HOLLYWOOD HILLS (Medium Mysteries #3) by Eve Paludan will be released on March 20th! Preorders are live right now!

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UK > amazon.co.UK/dp/B01BPI8KVG/
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Here’s the description of HOLLYWOOD HILLS by Eve Paludan:

A haunted house.
A ghostly gig.
A shocking secret.

Pauline Ocean uses her medium gifts to solve clients’ problems with the dead—and Mack, her resident ghost, helps her. However, while her psychic abilities enable her to solve mysteries and steer troubled spirits toward the light, they often put her in grave danger…

After a night of poker and partying, Pauline’s medium powers are in jeopardy. She must change her lifestyle or lose her ability to communicate with ghosts. If that happens, Mack will be lost to her forever.

Pauline hopes that a weekend in a health spa will restore her full powers. There, she meets Amanda Jordan, an indie movie producer with a dark secret—and her own paranormal problems.

When Amanda hires Pauline to work at a movie location—a haunted mansion in the Hollywood Hills—the resident spirits prove to be very challenging. Now, Pauline’s in danger, and so is Mack. As Pauline’s professional ethics are tested, bigger threats arise…

A dangerous adversary lies in wait—but will Pauline and Mack be able to send the troubled spirits into the light? And can they do it without losing Amanda to the dark side?

HOLLYWOOD HILLS (Medium Mysteries Book 3) is a compelling, darkly funny paranormal mystery from Eve Paludan, #1 bestselling author of VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON.

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