VAMPIRE SHE WROTE is #99cents for a limited time!


VAMPIRE SHE WROTE is #99cents for a limited time from my publisher! (US only)

❤ #VAMPIRES SHE WROTE ❤ Now available internationally!

♂️ #Fang of #vampireforhire falls for a vampire novelist. And vampire.





By evepaludan

BURNING is #99cents for a limited time!

#99cents #sale for a limited time from my publisher, Rain Press!
J.R. Rain's Vampire for Hire World: Burning (Brotherhood of the Blade Trilogy Book 1) by [Paludan, Eve]
Book 1 in the bestselling “Brotherhood of the Blade” trilogy!

Rand Sebastian, ex-Navy SEAL and now a full-time family man, is about to discover that evil lurks in the world. Real evil. And when this darkness comes after him and his family, he will do everything he can to stop it…and to save his loved ones.

Now trained by the legendary Brotherhood of the Blade, an elite team of vampire hunters, Rand will learn all the skills necessary to find his kidnapped daughter…and to stop the killers who prey on mankind.

By evepaludan