This week, I’m celebrating 52 straight weeks of my top-100 bestseller Vampire for Hire: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum Werewolf for Hire – Book 1). And I am celebrating it with some great news: I am close to releasing Vampire for Hire: VAMPIRES SHE WROTE (The Secret Chronicles of Fang – Book 1). So I will soon have TWO Vampire for Hire series on Kindle Worlds and I aim to alternate telling their storylines, but link them a bit, too! In ways that you are going to love.

So…{drum roll} VAMPIRES SHE WROTE starring Fang will be the next novel (51,000 words!) to be released. And then, another book starring Kingsley will be released and so on, back and forth. The two series have some plot threads in common, and if you want to get up to speed on what Fang has been doing, well, he’s Kingsley’s sidekick in WOLF MOON and likewise, Kingsley will be Fang’s sidekick in VAMPIRES SHE WROTE. It’s all kinds of vampire and werewolf fun for Samantha Moon, too, because she is in BOTH books.

Catch up to my Vampire for Hire series now and read WOLF MOON first because sometime next week, I will be announcing the release of VAMPIRES SHE WROTE. And it’s going to be so crazy special…I can’t even tell you how wonderful Fang is. If you know how much I love Kingsley, wait until you devour Fang’s adventure!

Thanks to J.R. Rain for inviting me to write one of the launch books in his VAMPIRE FOR HIRE Kindle World. If you just can’t get enough of his characters, I must tell you, neither can I! I eat, sleep/dream, and breathe Samantha Moon and all the paranormals you know and love as they come into their own in my two linked series.

WOLF MOON, a launch book, has been out for a year and is still on the bestseller list and has been, for the entire year! Catch up quick, now, because Fang’s book is a-coming very soon!

Thanks to all of my readers for making my livelihood my love-li-hood Vampire for Hire. I LOVE the VAMPIRE FOR HIRE original series and am so proud and thrilled to be one of the hand-picked authors of the Kindle Worlds books with J.R. Rain’s compelling characters. And soon, I will have TWO linked series in the VFH world. I am super excited. I’m dancing on air and just waiting for my editor to catch up to my race to publication, so you can fall in love all over again, too.

Join me ‪#‎SamanthaMoon‬ ‪#‎Fang‬ ‪#‎Kingsley‬ in incredible Kindle Worlds adventures in love and war and mystery and romance with sexy ‪#‎vampires‬ and a big bad beloved ‪#‎werewolf‬ !

$1.99 ‪#‎WOLF‬ ‪#‎MOON‬
52 weeks ‪#‎BESTSELLER‬
🌟57 reviews🌟
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