BIGFOOT ISLAND is now available in paperback!

A lot of my readers say this is their favorite of the books I’ve written. The Sasquatch is a female Bigfoot and the book has alternating points of view between Bigfoot and the humans. The series will continue and I am working on book 2, which will have a mermaid in it!

What happens when a female Bigfoot rescues a human infant from a mudslide?A year ago, Jack Lee’s homicide detective partner was killed in the line of duty. Ever since, his law enforcement career and marriage spiraled down.He decides to reinvent his life and leave Seattle to take a job as Cedar Island, Washington police chief. He grew up there and plans on a quiet life in the small island town where he once felt happy and secure. However, his artist wife, Margo, is a reluctant city girl, and she only goes with him under protest. Her niece, Jenn, who will soon be college-bound, also joins them.Immediately upon moving to his dead father’s house on the waterfront, his new job as police chief of Cedar Island challenges him with the aftermath of a devastating mudslide, the mystery of a dead woman, a missing infant, and rumors of a Bigfoot presence. Within 24 hours of taking the new job, all hell breaks loose on the island — it seems that nothing in Jack Lee’s world is going to be as easy or as safe as he thought.Enter Jack’s longtime best friend, Dr. Allie Chandler, an anthropologist. Her lifetime obsession with searching for the Sasquatch could be the saving grace in a dangerous situation.

By evepaludan

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