Guest Post: author Eve Paludan discusses her experience in Kindle Worlds writing books with other authors’ characters


Thanks, Marcia. It was a blast to do a guest blog on your book talk site!

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Today we have the immense pleasure of welcoming author Eve Paludan to Marcia’s Book Talk. Eve, the author of many paranormal romance and science fiction books, discusses her experience writing books on Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, and how wonderful it was to be able to write in collaboration with author J.R. Rain. This is an incisive and very helpful essay, with much pertinent information for those writers who are thinking of writing for Kindle Worlds. For more about this, here’s Eve…

Eve Paludan, author photograph Eve Paludan, author photograph


Kindle Worlds: Writing Books with Other Authors’ Characters by Eve Paludan

So far, I have two Kindle Worlds titles: The Abnorm Chronicles: Glimmer and Vampire for Hire: Wolf Moon (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire Book 1).


My entry into Kindle Worlds was unexpected and thrilling. In February 2014, bestselling author J.R. Rain honored me by asking me to collaborate on a novella with him for The…

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It was a SIX #BESTSELLERS #WEEKEND! #MondayBlogs

Vampire for Hire: Wolf Moon (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire Book 1) by Eve Paludan

2 #bestsellers in @Kindleworlds #Scifi & #Fantasy!
#1 VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum Werewolf for Hire Book 1) garnered the top honor in the category at Kindleworlds. It hardly slipped from top position, except for a scant few hours here and there. Reviews are coming in now and they are all good. I am so very happy that the book is well received! I loved writing it and plan to do more Kingsley stories for #KindleWorlds!


#62 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Interrupted (Werewolf Detectives #1)

#98 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Rising (Werewolf Detectives #2)

#76 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Unleashed (Werewolf Detectives #3)

#70 in Werewolves & Shifters
Werewolf Detectives Series Box Set – Books 1, 2, and 3

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10 Tips for Writing for the Vampire for Hire Kindle World from #1 Bestselling Author Eve Paludan #MondayBlogs

1. Read the books and short stories in J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire series. So far, he’s written 20 books and stories starring Samantha Moon, a vampire private investigator and single mom of two amazing kids. The more of the series you read, the more you will get in synch with what the characters face in their daily challenges. You’ll learn their secret desires, and understand their life goals. For example, if you have read to the most current book in the series, do you know what Fang does for a living now? Do you know who is Samantha Moon’s best girlfriend? How old are Tammy and Anthony? Do you know what all of the medallions do/did? What happened to Danny? Who is Jacky and does he know what Sam is? These are basic questions and if you don’t know these answers, it would be tough to write a book in this Kindle World. (No spoilers in comments below, please!)

2. Read the current Kindle Worlds offerings in the Vampire for Hire World, or at least read the book/story descriptions and free samples to see what has already been done. You don’t want to spend your precious time creating a similar book or story to one that has already been published.

3. Look at the reviews and rankings of the current Kindle Worlds novels and stories in the Vampire for Hire World at:

4. Read the Kindle Worlds guidelines for the Vampire for Hire World at:

5. Pick a character within the Vampire for Hire World to be the protagonist of your story. If your book or story is in first person, then you will only have one viewpoint and your knowledge and empathy for your main character needs to strong enough to follow through the plot from beginning to end with your hero/heroine in EVERY scene. If you need to write ANY scenes where your protagonist is not present, choose third-person viewpoint for writing your story.  I really recommend first-person because that is what J.R. Rain uses in his Vampire for Hire books, and what his readers may expect from a Kindle Worlds book, too.

6. Once you pick a character from J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire books, what do you want to accomplish for that hero or heroine? What mystery are you going to solve? What challenges will your character face? How will the character evolve? How do you want your story to end? (You should have a good idea of how it ends before you start writing.)

7. Write your story or novel and aim for a word count of 25,000 minimum and under 50,000 maximum.  The suggested length is just my personal preference and opinion. Shorter stories may be  accepted by Kindle Worlds, however, keep in mind that you want to provide a good value to your readers. As a reader and a writer, I tend to prefer books and even stories that use chapters, rather than one huge block of text.

8. Try to stay true to the characters as they appear in J.R. Rain’s books, if possible. In a Kindle World, having familiar faces act and react the same as they do in J.R. Rain’s books is going to win your readers’ approval. Remember, the readers are reading your Vampire for Hire Kindle Worlds books because they love J.R. Rain’s books and want more of who they know and love! I suggest that you don’t kill off any characters that J.R. Rain created. Your own new characters within the story can bite the bullet if they have to, but you want to treat his characters with respect and care, as if they were your own series ensemble cast.

9. In a perfect publishing world, you should seek and find paid editors who are already fans of J.R. Rain’s own Vampire for Hire books. An editor who is already a fan of the series will be aware of character traits and quirks…and series plotlines…that other editors wouldn’t know.

10. My best tip is to use LOTS of dialogue to show your story, rather than tell in narrative. Hey, lots of dialogue works for J.R. Rain’s books.

Note: As in all publishing venues, submitting a book or story doesn’t mean that it will be accepted by the publisher. However if you adhere to a high level of professionalism in your work, and respect the wonderful world of Samantha Moon, Vampire for Hire, I think you have a pretty good chance at Kindle Worlds. Good luck to all Vampire for Hire lovers and writers.

I hope you will visit all of the launch authors’ pages in the Vampire for Hire Kindle World. Thanks for the book love, launch authors, and especially, love to all Vampire for Hire readers! And of course, thank you to J.R. Rain, the creator of Samantha Moon, Vampire for Hire.  — Eve Paludan

Wolf Moon (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire Book 1) by Eve Paludan  Vampire Apocalypse by J. Thorn Crystal Moon by Jackson Stein  Vampire Abduction by D.C. YoungMoon Crossing (A Jax Thriller) by Alan Riehl

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What’s it about? #Vampire for Hire: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, #Werewolf for Hire #1) A #KindleWorlds novel

VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON is the first novel of Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, a planned series by Eve Paludan set within the licensed Kindle World of Vampire for Hire characters created by J. R. Rain, bestselling paranormal mystery romance author.

41,000 WORDS. A meaty read for a Kindle Worlds novel!


Werewolf for hire. Vampires on a train. One hell of a contract.

Kingsley Fulcrum is a werewolf and a lawyer. As the on-again, off-again boyfriend of vampire private eye Samantha Moon, he often takes on cases that tick her off. When his legal cases cross paths with her private investigations, the sparks can fly!

In WOLF MOON, Jolie Hart is a new vampire with a unique singing voice–and a serious case of amnesia. She hires Kingsley to protect her from clauses in her contract with a vampire who claims he’s the Devil. Kingsley hires Samantha to go undercover to help him prevent his client’s frightening destiny. Fang–a powerful vampire with a strong connection to Sam–has a compelling, romantic interest in the rising rock star.

Two days before the full moon, when the supernaturals head to Vegas on a train for Jolie’s debut concert, an ancient supernatural creature meets them at their destination. And he’s none too pleased at being summoned by Kingsley.

When the four immortals join forces to take a bite out of supernatural crime, things can get downright lethal. Or downright funny. Depending on who’s bitten and who’s smitten…

A werewolf, vampires and shifters! Will Kingsley, Sam, Fang and their unexpected fearless leader be able to save the beautiful Jolie from a fate worse than undeath?

WOLF MOON is the first novella of Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, a planned series set within the licensed Kindle World of Vampire for Hire characters created by J. R. Rain, bestselling paranormal mystery romance author.

Author Eve Paludan lives in Mesa, Arizona, where she writes fiction. She also enjoys swimming, researching the paranormal world, and reading urban fantasy, mysteries and romance.

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#Vampire for Hire: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, #Werewolf for Hire #1) A #KindleWorlds novel #mondayblogs


Wow, wow, wow. Amazon Kindle Worlds says I am now allowed to share my ‪#‎BIGNEWS‬!

I have been sitting on this secret for three weeks. I am honored to have been chosen to be one of the World launch authors for the ‪#‎VampireforHire‬ ‪#‎KindleWorld‬ by J.R Rain, Mystery Author and Amazon Kindle Worlds. (A launch author means that our books are the first in the licensed fiction world created by Amazon to support and expand on the character stories of a bestselling author.)

For years, it has been on my bucket list to be allowed to write a Samantha Moon and Kingsley Fulcrum novel. Now, Amazon Kindle Worlds and J.R. Rain allowed me to create my own series within this Kindle World and is based on the case files that I create of Kingsley Fulcrum, the werewolf lawyer and love interest of Samantha Moon. There is plenty of Sam Moon and other familiar characters in my new novel, WOLF MOON. It is a meaty 41,000+ words and expands on what J.R. Rain has created, but doesn’t go past any existing stories. Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, is just more of the characters you love.

Thank you, as always, J.R. Rain for creating Samantha Moon, Vampire for Hire. I think I might be your most ardent fan of the series and truly, having my own series with your characters (and some new ones of my own!) is such a phenomenal event in my life as a fiction writer.

Thank you for choosing me as one of the launch authors. I am forever…a lover of your series and hope to tell many, many Kingsley stories for a long time to come!

$1.99 gets you VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: WOLF MOON (Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire #1)

My deepest gratitude to the creator of such a wondrous series and I hope I will always do justice to your characters and plotlines.

Book love from, Eve Paludan

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Five Tips for Selling More Books #MondayBlogs

1. Twitter. Use it daily and get followers and tweet about your books. Retweet about other people’s books. Be interesting and engage with followers. This is truly worth the effort.

2. When sales drop off in the beginning of the month, this is normal. I have been doing this since 2008. The last two weeks of the month usually see a sales pickup.

3. My best sales days of the week are typically Thursday and Sunday. This has been across the board for a long time. If you can only promote your book on two days of the week, these are the days to do it.

4. A professionally designed cover is just the beginning. You have to have a catchy title, too. One that fits your genre and is easy to remember and ideally, with either two or three words.

5. I have thirty-something books published. Some are out of print or under other names or publishers are publishing them. My single-title books hardly sell any copies. If you want to sell more novels, series fiction is the way to go!

These are my five best tips for selling more books. I hope this helps you.

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Turn, turn, turn…A time to gather stones together #Mondayblogs

A lot has happened since I last wrote a #Mondayblogs.

My longtime book cover designer, dear friend, and more…was diagnosed with leukemia. He only lived ten days after that diagnosis and had only had a few chemo treatments. When he suddenly died in the hospital, no one expected that to happen. Not his doctors, not his mom and siblings, not his other friends, not his longtime roommate/ex-gf, and certainly not me.

Three weeks later, I am still in shock. I am angry. I am sad. And I am…different.

It seems strange, but I am different because he is not here. For years, almost every night, except in the last week of his life—because he did not have the breath to speak or the strength to text me—we said good night to each other between two and four a.m. unless we were already together on some adventure.

Now, the fulcrum has turned, turned, turned, and at only age 54, he is gone from this plane of existence.

How I miss him. How I knew him. How I loved him.

He was my writing muse and I was his photography muse.

Thank you for reading this. I have books to write. They will be different. As I am different now. I am gathering my stones together. My books are my stones.

The new books will still be in my voice. As always.

Tonight, please tell someone you love them. Before the turning comes.


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End-of-the-Month Reflections and Thank You to Readers

Thank you, readers, friends, and loyal fans, for making March 2015, my best book sales month in 2015, so far! Actually, it beats every month in 2014, too, for Kindle sales.

I am super-excited that WITCH BONES has occasionally hit the bestseller list and has been steadily growing a bigger fan base for THE WITCH DETECTIVES series.

In February and March, WITCH BONES was my top-selling title and has some honest, great reviews of it and tons of support from readers who want to see what happens next to our lovely enchantress heroine and her sidekicks.

Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed WITCH BONES! I am grateful for everyone who bought and supports the book, which was my leap of faith into continuing the series without masterful author Stuart Sharp, who is a genius and who has his own goals for his writing projects. It was certainly difficult to write a book set in Scotland when I have never been there! It was a mountain of research and thought because writing a mystery romance is tough enough when you know your setting.

Because of the success of the series, I can now say with certainty that the series will continue and I have NO plans to end it. I have set some new paths for Elle, the heroine, and her friends, enemies–and frenemies!

Inspired by J.R. Rain’s Samantha Moon Vampire for Hire series, I hope that THE WITCH DETECTIVES will become a regular source of entertainment for my readers and pretty much, my security for the future.

Of course, I have many series going, and even new ones planned. I have learned to write in many genres and will continue to do so.

But I have a special love for THE WITCH DETECTIVES and a respect and joy in the series that makes it one of my very favorites to write. It has been so amazing…what has happened to me so far this year.

More books are in store for you. And my thanks are heartfelt and genuine. I could not live my dream without all of you.

Thank you to every person who shares, clicks like, and goes to my page at Amazon, even if only to look. You totally rock my world.

Here I stay.
Love, Eve Paludan

Click here to see THE WITCH DETECTIVES series on Amazon Kindle.

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The Writer’s Life: Downsizing to the $1,200 house by Eve Paludan #MondayBlogs

The Writer’s Life: Downsizing to the $1,200 house by Eve Paludan #MondayBlogs

I actually live on what I make as a writer and an editor. It is not a fancy life by any means. However, I am happy and comfortable, even grateful. I live at this incredible level of comfort and security for the price of space rent and utilities, and, I am pretty sure this will be my last residence. After moving maybe thirty times in my life, almost every time by my own choice, I’m tired of the constant packing and unpacking. I’ve planted myself in Mesa, Arizona, and have shot down roots—my son lives eight miles away and my daughter, her husband and the grandkids live just seventy miles away.

After living in Los Angeles for several years, which I loved—because I could go to the beach every day if I wished—I am now living in an Arizona desert city where I lived years ago. It’s laid out in a nice grid with mountains for landmarks, so I won’t get too lost, even if I don’t have my phone with me. Mesa, a city of almost half a million, has the city-suburb life I like, without the kind of inner-city life that I don’t like. It’s not people on top of people, like in Los Angeles. I am more of a city girl than a country girl, but I don’t like sharing walls with neighbors. It was maybe my least favorite thing about apartment living. No one here is fighting for, or paying for, a parking spot at the place where they live. And an earthquake, while possible, isn’t so likely or so damaging here as it is in Southern California. And we have water to drink, something California is facing right now as its own resources deplete.

I’m kind of a minimalist, in a way. I don’t drink, smoke, or even own a television. My car is an older Camry that I bought for cash. I don’t drive a fancy car, nor do I want one. I have five pairs of shoes. And a few clothes that would easily fit in one big suitcase. I have less than 100 books now, mostly signed paperbacks from my friends or antique books.

I lived in Los Angeles for a while and spent maybe $35,000 on rent, which I now look back and see as ridiculous, though at the time, I don’t think it registered that I was setting myself up for increasing poverty that would take me years to recover from. I am still recovering from it and maybe in five years, I will have what I had before I went there. However, in retrospect, I wrote 13 books in one year in a 14’ x 20’ apartment—I got that $35,000 back several times over in the next couple of years. In the long run, though, I know when it is time to leave a place and start over. I have and will always have a strict rule for myself: Do not live above your means. When I can no longer live within my means in a place, I leave it.

I’m glad I lived in Los Angeles for several years. It gave me the chance to be a beach girl, and I loved it so much that it feels like an ache not to have the ocean down the street anymore. I fell in love with the West L.A. people and the culture and the places to go and things to do. I still love people there. A lot. I miss them. My friends. My clients. A special man I won’t ever forget. A neighborhood where I could walk 200 steps and be sitting in a Brazilian restaurant where someone would use a machete to give me a coconut to drink out of and then cut it up for me to take home and eat the meat later. Thai food on a stick. A cupcake bakery with an ATM. Huge libraries, amazing museums. Parks and botanical gardens galore. It was just too expensive to live there and costs went up every year. Every month, I threw away money on rent and stupid things like parking or city income tax. Not kidding. But I take away from Los Angeles, my memories, my photos, and the love for my people who know who they are.

Now, I’ve downsized to Arizona because it was financially necessary. I am doing okay. The months where I do not do okay on book sales, I ask people for more editing work and I get some. I’m not going to lie to you, though. These are very tough economic times for writers, as well as for many other people. I think the creative arts might be hit the worst by the downturn in the economy because we make consumer goods that are not necessities, but are entertainment—therefore, books are considered discretionary spending for consumers.

I specialize in writing Kindle books. I have paperback books, too, a few, but I sell thousands of times more Kindle books than I do paperbacks. And therein lies my method of living my dream.

I’ve moved more than thirty times in my life and I’m pretty tired of it. I have no plans to do it again. I found a place to hunker down, a good place, where I can live affordably and keep writing books until I die. That’s the dream and I am living it. I write books. People buy them. Amazon puts money in my bank account at the end of every month. I have a few wonderful, faithful and talented editing clients and am not looking for more because, truly, I have all the work I can handle.

The primary concern of a writer is to keep a roof over one’s head. I found my mobile home on the internet. In a senior park, which is gated, safe, quiet, for the most part. I have two orange trees in the back yard. I have a parking spot outside my kitchen door. I have two heated pools in which to swim. And a Jacuzzi.

My house is paid for (but I pay space rent), and my car is paid for. Those are two of the reasons that I can work as a fiction writer and editor. If I didn’t have my ducks lined up with a cheap place to live, and a running car with no payment, I wouldn’t be able to cast my dreams on the waters and write these books.

So, the $1,200 house is a doublewide mobile home with an Arizona room addition on it. It was advertised on the internet at for $5,000. When I was in Los Angeles, I had my son check it out for me and he helped me a lot, fixing it up and making it safer and more comfortable. New toilets, new faucets, new sink, new bathroom countertop, new tub and shower–new tile, laid by a friend of his. Irrigation and plumbing fixes, roof repairs. My son was here for weeks working to make a home for me. How do you even thank someone for doing all of that for you?

So, after he checked it out for me, I drove to Mesa and saw it and four others. I offered $1,200 and they took my offer and put in a new hot water heater because my son made them do it. =) They ran a background check on me and a credit check because in order to keep the place safe for all, you have to do that these days. It has a long way to go before all of it is decorated the way I want it, but it is comfortable, safe and cheap. I love my back yard and the thousands of oranges that have come from the two trees and two seasons a year.

I paid cash for it and it’s mine, as long as I pay the space rent. Property taxes are super low because I don’t own the land: $123 a year. Someone else cleans the pools and maintains the common areas. There is a clubhouse with a fitness center and I haven’t taken advantage of it, but there are activities and classes and parties—all stuff that non-introverted people would enjoy. For me, the introvert, I am left alone, as I like it best, to write books, edit books, and contemplate the next story and the next. Until I die, I will write. I am really happy with my life. I wish everyone could be what they want to be. There is nothing like it, to be able to live your dream of building your lifework, day by day, page by page.

If you are thinking of downsizing, just be ready to do it on a shoestring…with lowered expectations, for some who are used to a fancier way to live. And yes, I hope you can edit, too. Or do taxes, or be a virtual assistant. Those are not bad ways to make a living either. If your house and car are paid for, that is a good way to start writing for a living. I can’t see how people do it with a mortgage payment and a car payment. I couldn’t make that work. My needs are pretty simple, though. I use about one tank of gas per month. I told you I was the exciting type.

This humble place that I have grown to love over the last year is where I make my book magic. Sometime this year, it will get a painting, inside and out. Now that the roof leaks are fixed, it’s ready for that project, thanks to my son. My life has been made infinitely more comfortable because he is here fixing things for me, and my daughter and her husband are near, too, and would do anything for me. A friend from Los Angeles gave me a ride back from Mesa so I could leave my car in my driveway and rent a moving truck. My ex even helped me unload my moving truck the day I moved in.

I am truly blessed with how it all came together. I hope to write books until I am dust. I’m planted in the desert. I don’t know if I will ever get back to the beach. My friends have invited me, but I have a life here and I am content. And I worry that maybe it would make me too sad to leave Los Angeles a second time, I’m not sure. My guest room has cots in it for the three grandkids when they visit, and my granddaughter staked the permanent claim to the room with a sign she posted: Kids’ Room.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading the books I write. It means everything to me that you love reading about my imaginary worlds.

Please check out my books if you get a chance:


Eve Paludan

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The Fiction Editor’s Desk: Verb Tense Errors by #EvePaludan #MondayBlogs

The Fiction Editor’s Desk: Verb Tense Errors by Eve Paludan #MondayBlogs

Today’s blog is about verb tense errors. I’m currently editing a fiction manuscript where nearly every narrative paragraph contains one or more verb tense errors.

Let’s look at the definition of verb tense. According to YourDictionary:

“Verb tense errors occur when you use the wrong verb tense and are a common grammar mistake. The verb tense tells the reader of your sentences when the action is taking place – in the past, the present or the future. You must be consistent on verb tense, unless there’s some reason to make a switch to a different tense.”

I’m going to give you my own examples (not from the manuscript in front of me).

I feel like I should say something seductive, but I didn’t.
I eat a piece of cherry pie and hoped she didn’t notice.

The first parts of these sentences are written in present tense.
The second parts of these sentences are written in past tense.

Here are my corrections:
I felt like I should say something seductive, but I didn’t.
I ate a piece of cherry pie and hoped she didn’t notice.

Now, imagine that you have 75 pages of this to edit and nearly every narrative sentence needs correction. I don’t mind doing it and am so happy that people are willing to pay me to do it. I do love editing fiction and my clients appreciate my hard work. However, when authors write this way as a book-after-book habit, it’s detrimental to their professional growth. It’s a failure to adhere to a simple grammar rule: Don’t mix verb tenses in a narrative sentence.

One of the very basic skills of writing is to stick to one verb tense in the narrative. (In dialogue, it’s different. In dialogue, we can and do speak in the present tense to explain things that are happening in the now. )

Bonus opinion about the present tense:
My pet peeve is editing books that are written completely in the present tense. When I see the narrative of the first chapter written in the present tense and first-person viewpoint, I assume that the protagonist/main character will die at the end of the book. I can’t think of any other reason to write an entire novel in the present tense. I know some bestselling authors do write in present tense, but as an editor and a voracious reader, I avoid editing and reading present-tense novels unless there is a strong reason to dive into such a project.

There are a few occasions when I would use present tense in fiction (or when writing about fiction):
1. It’s a screenplay, so, traditionally, any action or description must be written in the present tense.
2. It’s a synopsis. Always use the present tense for a synopsis.
3. It’s a book description for the back of the book or your book’s buy-it page on Amazon. (Present tense also comes in handy for writing book reviews.)
4. In dialogue.

When I choose a book for pleasure reading, I always pick a book written in the past tense. Just my preference.

I would love to know your own thoughts on this blog and your own verb-tense preferences as a writer and as a reader.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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